Sacred Sexuality

To hold something as sacred means that it is set apart, held in a special place in honour of divinity. And with my sexuality, regardless of my state of mind at the time I hold it sacred, I honour the divine source as I connect either with myself or with someone else. It is part of my worship, part of my devotion. To express our sexuality is to express our humanity and in my tradition humanity holds a high value. Love is the supreme source and eros is a part of that divinity. When eros flows in a person, out of a person, between people it is a sacrament, a manifestation of divine eros. It is also part of what makes us human and a celebration of both the divine and humanity.
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Pirate Theology

We become pirate theologians (with all the positive, or romanticized aspect of that image, and perhaps unfortunately, sometimes some of the negative). But our purpose is not confrontation, or to somehow take over the establishment. No, our purpose is to gather in these wild, lawless islands and live out a rag-tag but true, lawless but loving, tradition-breaking, but not without tradition, or simply a radically different Christianity that does not actively threaten the normal Christian daily life in any other way than that it exist.
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Queer Theology

“queer” refers to the erasing or deconstructing of boundaries with respect to these categories of sexuality and gender. – Patrik S. Cheng, “Radical Love” So in the sense of erasing boundaries, deconstructing societal norms of traditional marriage and relationships and sexuality, I am queer. I apply a queer philosophy to life and a queer theology to my spirituality. “to ‘queer’ something is to turn convention and authority on its head. It is about seeing things in a different light and reclaiming voices and sources”– Patrik S. Cheng, “Radical Love” This has been my practice, both in theology and theopraxi, on my spiritual path and in my everyday life.

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Chez Geek

This is my personal blog and every now and then I blog about my more geeky projects and fandoms. This will include movie reviews, book reviews, pictures and accounts of all things geek. Anything from computer games to roleplaying games, swords to blasters, anything goes.

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Patrik Olterman

A pastor, preacher, pirate, poet and a public speaker. With formal training in theology, counselling and social work I teach with inspirational enthusiasm and passion. I am a truth seeker, rebel and pirate who teaches with deep insight and I will challenge the audience with a fearless, shameless questioning of authority, dogma and societal norm. Aside from working as a Christian minister I am an Enneagram practitioner and life coach and a ISTA faculty member. As such I travel and teach workshops internationally. As a Bhakti Yogi and Daka I also have training in Yoni Mapping and tantra massage. I am available for private sessions in Scandinavia or via worldwide via Skype. I can also appear as a speaker or workshop leader for your conference, festival or course and can speak on many subjects including: post-modern faith, Interfaith dialogue, diversity and anti-discrimination, LGBTQi and faith, radical christianity, hermeneutics, theopoetics, tantric christianity, dynamic relationships, sexuality in the Bible, sexuality, gender and Faith, Martial arts and faith, Martial arts and sexuality and conscious kink.

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And I will give you rest

10 January, 2019 Life is my religion Last night I dreamt that I was about to deliver a sermon in a small church with a few broken people in the audience. A young woman who just lost the love of her life, a group of elderly ladies that where angry that their world was...

7 ways to become a better lover over night

9 June, 2017 Sex Tantra Sacred Sexuality Whether we like it or not sexual prowess is one of the yardsticks we use to measure our self worth. Many of us feel that we fall short in the bedroom. Mostly this is due to a lack of practical sexual education when we grew up...

Tantra Sessions

3 June, 2017 Tantra Massage Body work Getting your first tantra session or tantra massage can be an exhilarating and beautiful experience. Most people I meet after their first tantric massage have this look of bliss and relaxation while their bodies are at the same...

Getting lucky

It’s just been New years eve and many of you have been out at different parties, dinners and get-togethers. Some of you may have had the aim “to get lucky” and some of you may feel that you did. It really disturbs me to hear people say that they are going out, hoping...


You may have noticed that the blog changed title. This to reflect the changing tone and content of the blog over the past three years. As I started studying theology in earnest I started at a very broad spectrum deconstructing and reconstructing everything from...

What is Sacred Sexuality

I have an ambivalent relationship to the term sacred sexuality. Using the word seems to imply that there is such a thing as not sacred sexuality or unholy sexuality. To me Sacred sexuality simply means that I hold all sexuality sacred. All intimate moments are sacred...

My ISTA Journey

December is often a month of reflection and introspection. I am looking backwards and thinking about the future So much has happened and my life has changed in so many significant ways. Three years ago give or take a few months I was attending a cosy evening with...

The road to pleasure

Pleasure is awesome. Pleasure is good for the soul and for the body and many people get a tantra massage because they want to experience more pleasure in their lives. This is all good, but we often forget that there is a reason that they we not experiencing the amount...

Tantra massage

Giving a tantra massage is such a privilege, watching someone relax deep into their body and journey with themselves, their emotions and their pleasure. I have been asked what a tantra massage feels like and thought I would share this testimonial from one of the...

Our sacred journey

So if you have been reading my blog for a while you know that over the last couple of years I have deconstructed my faith and the Christian tradition me and Hanna have belonged to. This has included deconstructing our sexuality and the institution of marriage. This...