Bought a used car came 3 months warranty aa weeks later the engine light rang on the warranty was said to take it into a garage and pay for the diagnosis then call back they came to light, need new candles 185 rang the warranty down and see, I`m sorry that this was not covered , asked him to explain, which is confused with the warranty of all the mechanical and electrical equipment is a little confused is not a firefly a bit of both so I asked the question if my clutch went, which is covered with the warranty on the answer of 110% wast paper is the warranty on print all the warranties are different , so you have to read the conditions Brought a car from v12 luton a guarantee from AA was not worth the time. The car had an AA inspection that contains the steering and the report said all ok. If the steering was ok, why does it shake badly at 50-60. I worked on the company that handles the aa “WMS” warranty to sort my car direction, but no fun, my car is with an independent AA garage dealer they gave a price to solve the problem and argue about the work that the garage gave them, a price to repair the wheel compensation and alignment as well as force the 1 hour wheel nuts and WMS refuse to pay the bill. If AA had done warranty checks correctly there, then I would never use this problem again. even the garage that took the breaks did not lose the v12 key that could have been sorted To keep the car`s ownership stress-free, we have introduced a new range of warranty products that are available through our car dealerships and offer you security against expensive repair bills. A warranty protects your car by covering repair costs against mechanical or electrical failures. Our comprehensive warranty gives you security against costly repairs. This warranty, or mechanical troubleshooting insurance, as it is called, is an insurance that offers protection against the cost of parts and work after mechanical, electrical or electronic failure of a covered part. It`s designed to keep you safe in the event of an unexpected collapse. It will not provide you with coverage for the maintenance of your vehicle. If you need this, you need to buy a maintenance plan that will provide security if a party breaks due to wear and tear.

Depending on the height of coverage, extended car warranty insurance usually includes repairs on your: Our warranty gives you access to free basic break coverage for 12 months and generous discounts if you want to improve the coverage level. If you are already a member, you can instead benefit from a free upgrade to your existing policy for the rest of the political year. The best car warranty policies include additional features. This could be car rental coverage while your car is repaired or breakdown recovery, for example with the AA. Car warranty extras can however increase the cost of their premiums. You can get an advanced car warranty from the automaker if you buy a new car. If you buy a used car, you can get a used car warranty from another supplier.

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