The non-conclusion of a written sale of real estate does not tolerate the contract, but is executed by the court only if the purchaser is able to justify sufficient “partial benefits”, i.e. where one of the parties has committed certain acts by which the contract is partially executed. For there to be a sufficient partial benefit, this act must be performed by the person arguing the contract and unequivocally relates to the contract. An example would be the acquisition of property that would have been sold to the person who takes possession of it. It is not clear whether the mere payment of the money is a sufficient act of the partial benefit. Vacant possession means free of any occupation of the seller or a third party and free of any claim on the property. The buyer may refuse to enter into a sale if a charge has not been disclosed, but he cannot object to an undisclosed charge that he knew at the time of the contract, unless a real estate agent is employed for the sale and on behalf of a seller, the broker often uses his form of contract for sale. However, it is advisable for the buyer to ensure that the agreement is approved by his lawyer before it is signed. In addition, the seller or buyer can instruct a lawyer to prepare the agreement. If the consideration for the sale or sale of the property is: once the seller`s title is in order, the corresponding instrument of transmission can be concluded by the buyer`s lawyer. These documents are usually made up of a document/memorandum in which ownership of the property is transferred from the seller to the buyer. After the parties sign the deed of assignment, the balance of the purchase price is paid to the seller and the sale transaction is completed. A transaction for the acquisition of real estate in Trinidad and Tobago is formalized and begins with the conclusion of a sales contract.

Of course, there is no fixed form of contract, but there is usually a sales contract: the conclusion of the contract is intended to give the buyer the opportunity to perform due diligence for the corresponding property, for example. B the conduct of property searches, in order to verify, among other things, the rightful owner of the property. Under Trinidad and Tobago, a sale agreement must be entered into in writing and signed by both parties (seller and buyer). It is customary to see the words “on or before the gas date time.” If the seller is not concluded on that date or on an extended date, he can immediately terminate the contract and consider that the deposit is cancelled.

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