20 simple plan will go during the legislature. In addition, if the employer allows it consistently and non-discriminatoryly, a contributing participant may change its wage reduction agreement more frequently during the additional periods provided for in the adoption agreement and in accordance with the procedures established by the employer. C. Resignation as a Contributing Participant A participant may, at any time during the year, withdraw as a contributing participant by depriving the employer of the authorization to postpone the vote on his or her behalf. A participant wishing to withdraw as a contributing participant must make a written statement of resignation to the employer. Withdrawal must take effect as soon as possible after the employer receives the notification or, later, the date indicated by the participant in this notice. A participant ceases to be a contributing participant after the termination of the employment relationship or following the termination of the plan. D. Return as a contributing participant after departure A participant who has retired as a contributing participant may not become a contributing participant again until the first day of the first year after the departure of the departure as a contributing participant, unless the employer allows the withdrawn participants to resume their membership earlier , uniformly and non-discriminatoryly. The employer determines the right of each worker to be a participant. This finding is conclusive and binding for all persons, unless otherwise intended or limited to employment.

Neither the fact that the plan was developed, nor the fact that a worker became a participant, gives that worker the right to continue working; may also restrict the employer`s right to lighten or treat a worker in another way, regardless of the impact that such treatment may have on the worker`s rights under the plan. Section 4. Contributions and endowments Delays and contributions to catch-up. A. Delays are contributions that the employer makes to the plan on behalf of a contributing member as part of a salary reduction contract. Election delays include catch-up contributions made in accordance with paragraph 414 (v) of Code 414 (v) and applicable regulations and other guidelines for general applicability, in accordance with Section 4.01 (B) of this plan. Any participant who has met the eligibility requirements may, as part of a salary reduction agreement, choose to reduce their earnings by a percentage or a fixed amount in dollars.

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