On the basis of the principles of equality, mutual benefit and volunteerism, the parties entered into the following agreement (“this agreement”) by friendly consultation, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. This agreement was reached in English at the express request of the borrower, who confirms that by knowing the English language, he can conclude this agreement and understand the provisions of that agreement. They`re looking to buy goods – on credit. You first need a revolving loan from the seller. Or maybe you`re selling items and you`re willing to lend to trusted buyers. You have to… Read more Not all credits require piles of paperwork. A revolving credit contract is quite simple and is often only between a single seller or a company and a customer. Maybe the customer regularly makes big purchases. Or maybe the client owns a small business, but their written verification process takes a few days. If you are the seller, you can still benefit from a loan agreement. You may have just gotten a client for life. What if they don`t pay on time? You can arrange a late penalty or interest with a revolving line of credit.

A revolving line of credit can help make buisness a little easier for both buyers and sellers. Other names for this document: Revolving Line of Credit Agreement Date: Part I. Information about the parties and the name of the lender Company name: KREDO FINANCE SHPK Registration number: NUIS L71610009A Legal address: Rruga “Prokop Mima”, QendraPajton, 1, 7, communal post 5, Tirana, Albania Actual location of service: Name, father`s name:Father`s name:Personal identification number: Card/Passport:Address: City/District:Bank account: Bank:IBAN: Email address: Email address: Tel.: Part II. Amount of Credit Conditions 1. Loan Type Payday Loans 7 days ☐ 3 months ☐ <3> <8> 14 days ☐ 6 months ☐ 30 days ☐ 12 months ☐ 24 months ☐ 2. Limits 2.1. Line of credit limit, ALL: 2.2. Loan Amount, ALL 3. Up-to-date interest rate%: annual rate, %: monthly rate, %: effective interest rate, %: Loan management fee %: issue fee %: total that must be repaid by the borrower, ALL: Daily lateness penalty%: 5. Main payment plan, ALL interest payments subject to the application of Part B, Part A commits to provide Part B. This agreement is concluded and concluded by and between Part A and Part B, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and after thorough mutual consultation, on the following conditions: by amicable consultation and on the principle of fairness and mutual benefits, which have entered into, in an equal and voluntary manner, the following agreements, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations: – Any fully guaranteed credit facility is not fully and irrevocably accounted for by a financial institution accepted by the bank, fully insured or fully guaranteed by other methods of risk hedging. This agreement is concluded between the two parties through friendly negotiations in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and on the basis of the principles of equality, mutual benefit and volunteerism: .

. In SANTIAGO, CHILI, on August 6, 2013, in front of me, RENE BENAVENTE CASH, lawyer, notary Public Holder of the 45th Notary Public Office of Santiago, based in this city, at Paseo Huérfanos No.979, 7th floor, santiago region, appear: Sir.

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