In practice, this is a challenge; They should bear in mind that the agreement provides both parties with a clear legal framework that is as concrete as possible tailored to the specific requirements. While Parliament gives considerable discretion to the parties concerned, it is preferable to clarify and contractually define each basic element of the agreement. Our detailed guide tells you what to pay attention to when licensing images. Below is a legal agreement (the “agreement”) between you or the employer or any other organization on whose behalf you enter into this agreement (“you”) and Shutterstock, Inc. d/b/a Bigstock (“Bigstock”). Please read this agreement carefully before downloading images of Bigstock (“Image (s) ” ) or film (“Footage”) (set “Content”). Failure to comply with these conditions could result in the immediate termination of your account. The licensee can record a licensed image on a single storage device such as a hard drive or CD, as well as another backup copy. The licensee must take all appropriate measures to prevent the unauthorized use or dissemination of images.

If so, you need some basic knowledge about the rights to use the photo and how you can validate the images. Fortunately, you have a wide range of licensing agreements that cover all kinds of uses – from strictly limited rights to exclusive rights to use! We`ve described everything you need to keep in mind when licensing photos. Bigstock reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time and you agree to be bound by these amendments. If changes are made, a notification is available. Please make sure you read and understand all the changes. If you do not accept this agreement, it may change from time to time, do not download or use content. If the use you are considering is not authorized by this Agreement, please read our Extended Content Usage Agreement, which offers a wider range of authorized uses. Most Stock websites offer the following types of licenses: But don`t make a mistake: the license exemption does not mean unrestricted. Many sites claim to offer unlicensed images, but still a number of restrictions for things like if you can use the image for commercial purposes (for profit), which allows the size of the print, and if you can use the image for certain resale items like prints, calendars, mugs, mousepads, etc. The use of licensed images is limited, even for images submitted free of charge for the license.

The privileges and licenses granted in this Agreement expressly exclude: To authorize images and grant rights to use the image, you must either be the author of the images or have the right to license the images. For example, agencies also have the right to grant images if the author contractually authorizes them. Any stick image that is not free will probably indicate that as a designer, you can only entrust your client with licensing work – you cannot simply distribute the image yourself, as this would affect the agency`s ability to make a profit. (That`s why we prohibit designers from uploading stand-alone stick images to the transfer page). is also worth mentioning. They`re pretty new, but you can buy a limited Lifetime subscription for only a one-time fee of $19. The great thing about ImgBundle is that each image network has an extensive license that allows the buyer to use the images in any way possible (even resale is allowed).

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