Similarly, people who have worked in education have often worked in historic buildings that may contain asbestos. If asbestos exposure is found to have occurred during your employment, you must have respected the right to claim injury if necessary. Thompsons will ensure that any settlement agreement by a teacher will contain this right. If your employer, principal or principal offers you a transaction contract or you feel that a transaction contract would be the best way to terminate your employment, you should seek immediate advice from your union. You will then refer to Thompsons for our specialized advice and support. At Thompsons Solicitors, we have a team of dedicated lawyers who assist union members in the arrangement process. For more information, ACAS has published detailed guidelines on transaction agreements. Many employers will also be willing to accept the text and date of notification to the school community to explain your departure, and such a statement should be mentioned and attached to the agreement. Discuss your concerns with your work employee.

If your co-workers have the same dispute with your employer, a transaction contract may not be the best solution. It may be recommended to discuss the problem with your colleagues. Ask your representative or the school or university office for copies of relevant workplace guidelines, for example. B salary guidelines, fitness procedures, dismissal directives. The guarantee that the teacher leaves his job with a positive professional relationship is a very valuable part of the agreement that leads to the transaction contract being signed by a teacher and a teaching professional. It is imperative that your employer commit to provide you with a favourable and agreed employment reference, which will be attached to the transaction contract. It is also essential that the agreement allows the different types of references that may be necessary, such as. B for example a pro forma style reference or a questionnaire-type reference.

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