I was asked last week, why do I blog? Do I have a need to be heard, seen or is it something else? This has led me to reflect on why I am writing this blog, I have come up with a few answers to the question.

I write because I need to see my thoughts on “paper” so that I can examine them. Once a blog is posted I can come back later and examine my thoughts critically.

I write because I process through expression, in my mind is a jumble, as the words fall out on the page they re/organise themselves into sentences that carry meaning.

I write because there are people in various places in the world that actually want to know what I think and they ask me to keep writing.

But I think most of all I write because theology cannot be done in a vacuum. I need discourse, I need people who respond, who disagree, who question and who engage with the thoughts and challenge me.

In light of the last point this blog has been a bit of a disappointment. I need more conversation partners, I need more conversations, I need mentors, friends and dissenters.

So if you read this blog regularly, I beg of you. Comment, disagree, dialogue! And if you like send me an email and lets formalise a mentor/mentee partnership. I am not looking for people who think like me, but people who can challenge and gently guide me to greater insight. In this all are welcome! Let’s do theology together!


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