praying-handsThis week has been full of questions and reflection. And as I was reading “The idolatry of God”  I was reflecting on Jesus asking us to pray in his name. I think in our traditional thinking we connect this with John 4.6 (No one comes to the father but through me) or we possibly se think of Paul talking about Christ’s righteousness becoming our righteousness and so when we pray in his name we become pure enough, or clean enough to actually petition the father.

But what if we got it wrong? What if Jesus, when he said pray in my name, actually meant the opposite? What if when we pray in Jesus name, pray in the name of the Nazarene (Can anything good come from nazareth)? What if we then pray as the outcast, the one who failed politically and religiously (Being nailed to the cross signifies both of these failed arenas)? What if praying in Jesus name means praying as if we acutely feel the absence of god (My god my god, why have you forsaken me)?

What if praying in the name of Jesus means stepping into the role of a nobody, an outcast, like the least. What if it means shedding our privileged positions and our entitlement?

I wonder how we would pray then?

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