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June, 2017

Tantra Massage Body work

Getting your first tantra session or tantra massage can be an exhilarating and beautiful experience. Most people I meet after their first tantric massage have this look of bliss and relaxation while their bodies are at the same time soft, relaxed and yet filled with exuberant bubbling life energy.

What is a tantra massage?

A tantra massage is a full body, relaxing oil massage (that may or may not include genital massage) aiming to awaken life force energy or sexual energy in the body and make it flow consistently. In traditional or historical tantra there is no such thing as a tantra massage so it is a modern neo tantric tool for people with no experience of tantra to have the full tantric experience in a very safe and beautiful way.

Our beautiful studio in central Malmö

Photograph by Patrik Olterman

What is the difference between a tantra massage and a tantra session?

A tantra massage is one form of a tantric session but a tantric session can be so much more. From coaching, exercises and meditation to energy work, massage and sacred union. The tantra session is a container for all sorts of personal and interpersonal work.

When you book a tantric session you co-create the session with your practitioner to suit your needs and to take you one step further along your journey

Why get a tantra session?

A tantra session can be good for so many reasons some of the reasons why you might want to consider a tantic session may be:

  • To tap into and release your life force energy
  • To become more free
  • To find new ways to express yourself
  • To experience more pleasure in your life
  • To work with and heal past trauma
  • To work on energy blockages
  • To awaken dormant or shut down sexuality
  • To explore your orgasmic potential
  • To experience full body orgasms
  • To discover energetic orgasms
  • To relax and enjoy

“After receiving the sessions from Patrik I have felt the experience of getting more in touch with the beautiful orgasmic potential I have been longing to get in touch with.” — Mette (DK)

Whatever your reason for booking a tantric session it is a beautiful experience. It is often both healing and energizing allowing you to access more of your life force energy empowering all areas of your life. Right now until the end of June 2017 you can subscribe to my newsletter and get a chance to win a free tantra session for yourself or a loved one.

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