Ok, enough ranting allready time for some of the good sides of Latvia to show, one of them obviously is the food.
Image So last night we ordered Pizza or Pica as it is called in Latvian due to some language problem apparantly we got a familly size pizza. But it was all well seeing that the whole familly truly enjoyed it.

The pizzas here in Latvia are excellent unlike say german pizza wich is hardly edible (by my standards at least) no, Latvian pizza is more like what you would get in NYC if ya ordered a large pie and I have so missed those since my time with the NYC angels.

ImageOn the whole all foodstuffs we have eaten here have been fantastic as we have been treated to a few dinners by kind officers and corps members. Lido is a must visit if ya come to riga and if you are anything like me a visit to Sushi planet on Barona iela is not bad either, and if you are not like me but more say like Hanna then in the same place as Sushi Planet is il Patio with fantastic italian Pizza as well. More pizza for the people I say!

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