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Funny hats, visa applications and warrior spirit

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, and it has been a crazy month here in Latvia. So much have happened and we are now literally standing on the edge, ready to take the plunge.The month started with Angelinas Birthday party, we had a hous full of kids and parents, served hotdogs wrapped up in bread and had “Fiskedam” for the kids (old swedish custom where the kids get to fish out their candy bag out of a pond made of a sheet over the bedroom door). The kids had fun, wore the funny party hats (yup they actually wore them) and literally turned our apartement upside down. And the parents seemed to enjoy the pizza and the fellowship. The highlight of the party was the “Fiskedam” and since none of the guests where swedish noone had experienced it before.

All the trouble with cars, moving in and furniture etc, have delayed our visa applications and we are really in the twelfth hour now trying to get it all together. The latvian system has improved they tell me and still its a ten page application with questions asking for intimate details not only of my life but of my parents and siblings.

Other than that our life is moving on getting ready to release the Mission team poster wich will officially start my real work here in latvia. The martial arts course is going fantastic and I am impressed over and over again by how quickly the girls pick up the techniques and how they are all developing real warrior spirit. Today The late class (wich is aimed at the guys since it has wrestling) was dominated by girls who will stop at nothing but wants to learn grappling and take pride in showing of more and more painful techniques on each other.

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