You would think that a community that promotes tolerance would actually show tolerance to other views. Not so in the heated debate about Intelligent design and the veracity of Jesus truth claim.

Right now I am reading Lee Strobels “a case for” series of books. At the outset I found my faith growing and I felt encouraged and inspired by the factual presentation of all the books. As I read on I realized that it wasnät as clearcut and simple as the books claimed.

Surfing on the net I found as many pages proving Lee Strobel and his retinue of Scholars wrong as there was scholars lending their support. I kept searching the internet for more information and I was shocked by the tone of the debate raging on blogs and supposedly factual sites. On the Christian side of things the tone is mostly civil but every so often you run across a Christian who treats unbelivers with such contempt and sarcasm it makes you wonder. On the secular side (wich is very diverse indeed, ranging from hardcore atheists to proponents of other religions.) The tone is generally deraogatory and sarcastic. There is no love present and no humility, this alone makes me reject their contributions in the debate void.

The funny thing is that by responding to the Christian truth claim in such a way they are actually proving one of the main points being made for the case of Gods existance, that without God (or if you do not acknowledge Gods existance) the concept of good becomes meaningless and human value plummets. If there is no God then human value is not inherent but rather humans are a freak accident with no purpose and meaning, therefore no respect, no love and no humility is needed.

The other thing that stands out in the debate is that the secular world seemingly fail to grasp Lee Strobels intent. Lee Strobel from the outset (especially in a case for Faith) is declaring that he wants to see if the Christians have reasonable answers to the hard questions. Not to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it’s true. Therefore the critique that he is not interviewing anyone of the opposition is pointless. Why would he, we know what they are saying! If I wanted to know if I should get a cat or not I wouldn’t ask the kennel club. If I wanted to know if Linux would benefit my buissness I would not ask Bill Gates. If I want to know about Christianity and Christ I will ask the Christians!
Lee Strobels books are excellent reading for the average Christian who has questions or who wants a boost to their faith. Anyone that wants to get deeper should go straight to the various sources Mr. Strobel is using. Granted after having read the books, you would have many more unanswered questions, but this is not a fault of Mr. Strobel but the very nature of science and knowledge. The more you find out about this universe the more you realize how little you know and the more questions you get.

To conclude I really think that the whole debate would be much better if both sides (if there really are only two) made their own case called their own expert wittnesses instead of going for character assasination and pulling apart the other sides arguments.

The Case for Faith: A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity The Case for Christ:  A Journalist\'s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God

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