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Hannas Birthday and preparations.

So, that time of the year again, I have been busy this week preparing for Hannas birthday, with a rather cramped economy it has not been easy tho and we had to agree on what I was allowed to buy her. So on monday I set out in Riga together with my trusty helper Angelina. She was dressed in pink camo and her new Po.p ballcap and looked cooler than ever, her matching sunglasses she temporarily placed in her new handbag.

After some searching and Angelina charming every store owner we found a brand new designer speaker system for Hannas allready modded and spiffed up wonder machine of a computer. And after a bit of persuasion they where even inside the allowed price range.

This year I hid the huge box under the kitchen table hoping that such an obvious place would elude detection and sure enough, even tho I could not surprise Hanna with a gift she didnt know she was getting at least I managed to hide it in plain sight.

All in all I think that Hanna had a good birthday and you can read more about it on Hannas own blog.

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