The evangelist goes on and on, urging people to come to Christ, coaxing them and finally it seems bribing them, with promises of peace, love and joy.

But does Jesus really offer peace here and now? All to often I hear the “Happy now, Holy in heaven” Gospel proclaimed. Yet I don’t know anyone whos life got easier or happier when they got saved. Personally I lost all my friends, and my family took a step back hoping it would be just a phase. Although I experienced tremendous joy in worship, I struggled daily with Holiness and with the prospect of becoming more like Him.

The war rages on and anyone who accepts Jesus Christ will immediately be targeted by the enemy. We need to preach a realistic message, where we invite people to pick up their cross and follow Jesus ([bible]Matt 16:24[/bible]) on the straight and narrow path that inevitably leads to golgatha and the crucifixion of the ego and the flesh. It is unplesant, offensive, downright grimy but in the end the only way to God and true freedom.
Lets prepare for war! Lets be Holy now, Happy in heaven!

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