As long as a mans name is spoken, he is alive

Going Postal (Discworld, Book 29) I am reading [[Terry Pratchet]]s book “Going Postal” a wonderful parody on life, the internet and the postal service. As usual with Terry pratchets books they also include a lot of satirical comments on society today and life in general. One comment that stuck with me was this: “As long as a mans name is spoken, he is alive.”

A comment on mans longing for immortality no doubt. What we as humans tend to forget is that God who is not bound by time spoke us into existance. He spoke your name loud and clear into the nontiime and nonspace of his existance. He called out your name and in it was the entire plan for your life and eternety, all the gifts that you have been given and all the divine power you will ever need to complete the task God has set you on. Your name echoes in the halls of eternety and therefore you to will live forever, no matter how nown you will be here on earth.

That being as it may, it made me think about the name of Jesus. We speak it reverently on sunday mornings and whisper it desperately by our bedside table in ernest prayer. BUt seriously, are there areas in our life where we choose not to speak the name of Jesus? Are there places we choose to go without Him? I know He would never leave us, but we can certanly leave him behind.

“As long as a mans name is spoken, he is alive”

Is Jesus alive at your work, at school, in your sportsclub, in your every relationship, every day, everywhere? Do you speak His name with love in every conversation or do you hide your light under a bushel? As the good book says there is never a wrong time to mention the name of Jesus ([bible]2 tim 4:2[/bible]).

Speak it, sing it, shout it! in every place you go, every hour of your life. Kepp Jesus alive in every area of your life!

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