Useless debate or meaningful discussion

Debates are raging all the time, especially in Christian circles. Being a mellow guy I usually try to stay out of the hot air (NOT!)

I always end up in the middle of the fray, I can’t help it I get so upset when I see people advocating sin and quoting Bible verses to support it! Right now there’s a discussion at BoE about the fact that all discussions about sexuality (homosexuality, moving in together before marriage, etc.) seem to polarise into two camps almost as soon as the discussion question lands on the table. Having built and run the two predessesors to BoE I tend to assume that the only reason to have a discussion board is to have access to the young people in the movement and to have a channel for discipleship, a way to get people closer to God.

As I hinted of this in the forums, answers cried out against it, saying everything from censorship to brainwash, The discussion must be free!

Must it? What is the point of just debating issues endlessly, never resolving anything, never moving closer to a target (in my vision the target is God) Surely we have better things to do with our lives than meaningless discussions without end.

The freedom of Christ is only reached through the complete surrender to God and His will, become like Paul a love slave of God, then there is freedom. Any other freedom is illusory and leads away from God. Every other freedom is closely related to rebellion and a haughty spirit saying, I know best I can decide for myself. True freedom is found kneeling in submission in front of a loving God.

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