I have spent the last 3 days at IMG4 – The Latvian annual true love waits conference. A great conference with 200 young peolpe curious about what the Christian Faith has to say about relationships. There was everything from Bible teaching to great concerts by Xenos and Second chance

In the hall you had 200+ teenagers looking for the one true love, I wanted to shout at them, STOP LOOKING! and I did. A boy that you catch by wearing high heels, short skirt and a tight top isn’t worth catching. We as Christians should realize that the only dress we should use to catch our future love is a rish dress of prayer and praise, the cloak of the Holy Spirit, the belt of righteousness, the sandals of truth. Seek first the kingdom of God, fall in love with Jesus and everything else in your life will fall in place ([bible]Matt 6:33[/bible]) When you run after God, blessing will run after you.

Remember, Jesus is the one, and if you follow Jesus and become like Him you will become the one for someone else!

(100 topics pdf,100_topics in russian and true love checklist)

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