Being and doing, I hear these small catch frazes everywhere and I think they both miss the mark. If we concentrate on the doing we become busybodies that rush off in our own power and burn out for God. If we on the other hand focus on the being we become introvert spiritual navelgazers and drift of together in hippie land.

My first Pastor ones told me, if your religion doesn’t change you, it is time to change your religion!

Meeting with God (Who is always the same) means change. If you go into your prayer closet to pray and come out exactly the same as when you walked in, you did not meet with God.

When you meet with God you change, become more like Him. Maybe he changes your attitude, your outlook or even your mood, but He will affect you, this is not doing, because it is certanly not my doing, it is not being for in being I simply remain untouched. It is the miracle of becoming.

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Mackan Andersson

Wow – someone should put that last part on a T-shirt! Love it!

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