It is mothersday, In church Angelina made a butterfly for Hanna and got flowers to give to her mother (Unfortunately the flowers was to much fun to smell and enjoy so Angie kept them for herself.)

Hanna is in the last stage of pregnancy and we have mere days till the new miracle comes. So therefore Hanna is logicly racing around every store in Riga buying boxes and furniture…. She is nesting. Making sure that the house is ready to be a house where an infant can live. And a mother can carry out her important and most holy task.

Mothers are underrated, and often overlooked, yet there is no calling that has such an impact on the future of our planet as motherhood. It is truly the most important job in the world.

Here is to all the mothers of the world we salute you!

I am so lucky to have Hanna, She is the ultimate mother, there is not a book she has not read on motherhood, not a precaution she has not taken and not a task that she will shy from to protect and nurture her beloved children. Hanna is worthy of praise she is truly a treasure, a gift from heaven!

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