Today is a black day, it seems that in the midst of the raging battle we are left alone to fend for ourselves. We being part of the Salvation army, but not apparently in the Salvation Army system. I am just now realizing how valuable it is to have an organisation backing you at home base.

We are fighting battles on all fronts right now and both me and Hanna are feeling the weight. It really feels like we are left alone noones got our back, noone will lift us up if we fall. God help us!

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This day sucks, doesn’t it?
I kind of understand what you write about “lonely among many.” I got some news today connected with my parents and family, and now it seems that satan is beating me in my weakest places, taking out all the deepest fears, materialising them in my life. And nobody can really understand it, apart from my sister and God. It’s kind of feeling when the ground dissappears under feet. All things beyond control.
Then I went upstairs and Ilga and Linda prayed about all that. And the situation hasn’t changed – i cannot change it, and my only hope now is in God, but at least I somehow have a feeling that God is in control all those things, even if I can’t see that.
So, I wanted to encourage you – He is also in control in your and Hanna lifes. He won’t let you down, and will lift you up, if you fall.
“The darkest hour comes before sunrise.” God is with both of you and with both of your children, and He will take care of you.


praying and willing to listen!

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