A new breed of salvationists are infiltrating our corps, a breed of Christians who want to transform the army in their likness, to become not a marching army but a circle of fluffy bunnies who cannot possibly offend anyone. (This is an offensive post, but for the record, I do love all fluffy bunnies, they are just not very warrioresque and fits snuggly into a childs bed but not on a battle field). These fluffy bunnies claim that we need to tend more our own and not be so offensive in what we teach. We need to focus more on our church than our mission. Inward focus rather than outward focus. Lets gather in a circle cuddle and sing kombaya.

What is a fluffy bunny soldier?

A fluffy bunny soldier is a soldier who no longer recognizes the authority of scripture and therefore promotes a fluffy bunny version of Christianity, it is the opposite and counterpart to no compromise and therefore is a compromised soldier, one whom has fallen in love with the world and want to make the gospel as easy as swallow as possible and therefore round off any sharp edges, removes the thorns, and leaves only the the lovey dovey message of a God of grace but not a God of truth or Justice.

One of the reasons for this is Christians growing up in Christian families who never have a clear revelation of their own sinfulness and therefore don’t have a very deep revelation of Gods love (Love being equal parts of truth, grace and justice) on a personal level. These soldiers live lives where church is a happening on sunday and tradition has replaced revelation and a personal relationship with God.
5 signs of a fluffy bunny (warning!!)

  1. You just want to cuddle them.
  2. They are turning slightly pink around the ears.
  3. When they are angry you just want cuddle them.
  4. They never offend anyone but are loved by all.
  5. They don’t wear uniform but rather pastels in pink, light blue and cuddly green
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Mackan Andersson


You forgot the “fuzzy and fluffy around the edges” and, of course, the taste in a stew. Mmmm. Fluffy bunnies 🙂

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