As me and Hanna are expecting the birth of our second child any day now I have discovered what Christian life should truly be like. As I look upon my wife I see the signs clearly she is ready to give birth and it can happen any minute. However, since we do not know the day or the hour, we must plan like nothing out of the ordinary will occur. Still every minute our bags must be packed, our affairs ready, everything in its place so that we can leave with a minutes notice.

A life in readiness, the life of a warrior on the battle field, sleeping with one eye open and the battle gear on, not knowing what the next moment will bring. Planning for a long drawn out campaign, but ready to charge at any minute should the order come. Ready to move, every piece of your equipment in the right place so you can find it in the blink of an eye.

I have a note with the phone number of our neighbor should we need a baby sitter next to the number of our midwife, the number to a cab company on speed dial, the bag packed the battery to the camera on the charger, every little piece in it’s place waiting for the moment. We are living everyday like it was a normal day, but ready every moment to rush of leave everything for the delivery of our baby.
This is Christian life! Our saviour can come back any minute, are you ready? Are your bags packed, your affairs in order? Are you planning every day like it is a completely normal day in a row of many normal days, but keeping a spring in your step ready to go at any minute should the trumpet call?

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