I had an interesting conversation with Mackan last night about the gifts of the Spirit and NCD. Mackan raised the question if we don’t limit the expressions of the gifts when we try to define them and explain how they work to the church.

Now the gifts of the Holy Spirit requires us to recieve them in faith, and we inspire faith by teaching and preaching. If we teach about tounges people recieve the gift of tounges. If we teach about healing people start praying for healing and people get healed. One could argue that the Holy Spirit acts on our faith and thereby fills our expectation. But what if…..

What if we could just for a day, a week, a month, a year, just expect the Holy Spirit to do the unexpected. What if we could for just a while let go of our preconceptions and realize that God is all powerful and can make anything happen. Would we then see people recieving the gift of playing the banjo with your toes, healing through email or any gift that we just cannot imagine without the inspiration of our God.

If you could have any gift, no matter how ridiculous or no matter how powerful what would it be? Can you believe God for that gift? Now a God who sais that He will do even greater things than we can imagine and then goes on saying that we will do even greater things than Him. What kind of fabolous gifts will he have in store for us if we dare to believe, if we dare to expect the unexpected.

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I consider the ability to pray to be the greatest gift from God, that He has ever given. Because He is the God, who answers if we pray.
So if I could have any gift, I would not want any other but this:)

Mackan Andersson

Healing laughter. Oh God, I soooo dream of bringing healing into peoples lives by laughter 🙂

But another point of our conversation was, actually, that God already IS moving in ways that we might not comprehend, because of our traditions. We as carismatics (or evangelicals) might not understand how the spirit is working in the Orthodox or catholic churches.

And – has anyone noticed that not one single gift is mentioned in ALL of Pauls lists of the gifts. It seems as if Paul is merely stating examples in his lists (Rom 12, 1 Cor 12, for example) of gifts. But the lists might not be a complete summary or even very extensive.

Mackan Andersson

Eh… Patrik, it seems you have already recieved that gift in faith 😉 I have never seen a sillier dance. Praise the Lord! 🙂

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