I was reading Graemes blog – uksalvationist and had to comment on it. The fact is that most initiatives to bring fire to the people of God are for young people and rightly so seeing that round 80% of all that come to Christ do so in their teens, but what is there for us older geezers? Do I have to leave the Army and go on a [[YWAM]] CDTS or is there something in the amry for me apart from the obvious training college. Stephen Court of Armybarmy notes that there are indeed some initiatives for the more settled in (read older) soldiers in his response.

However having said that I think we need to reexamine this. Isn’t this what church is for?

Isn’t church supposed to be the frontline of our mission? Isn’t church supposed to be inspiring, challenging and on fire for a most Holy God? It is not a problem for a teenager to get out and leave their home for a year or two but for us a bit older (I know I am but a wee babe compared to some of you but I am not a teen anymore :P) soldiers, that’s not gonna fly. We need our local church to be our challenge!

See here’s the challenge for all those with families, all those with careers… Matthew 28:19 “Go and make disciples of all nations…” So you are either a missionary or a mission field!

The challenge of radical everyday life! Our corps need to be the place where we are challenged and fired up! We need to do our utmost to challenge the officers to make this happen. Instead of spending our energy of challenging soldiers and sending them back to dead corps, we need to expend every ounce of our denominational muscles to transform our corps leaders into radical, inspiring, challenging, battle officers! And our corps into beacons of Gods radical, everchanging, all consuming fire.

And then we would not need any special schools, teams or colleges for our old or young people!

Let’s not be heroes for a year of short term mission, lets be heroes for life, everyday life!

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… but can we have something for us oldies until this has been acheived?

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