Yesterday I had to teach on the deepest mystery of Christian faith, the trinity. And as I prepared I realized that no matter how much I read and no matter how much I prayed I would never get beyond the words of the nicean council, “una substantia, tres personae” or in simpler language 1+1+1=1

And I realized that since God lives outside space and time (and we do not) there is no language with wich we can truly describe God, there is no experience with wich we can liken Him. because all that we know and all that we see are created by Him.

How God relates to himself is His problem, How we relate to Him is ours…..

That is why when Moses asks, How shall I call you? God answers tounge in cheek – “I AM”

When we in awe look at the starlit sky, the oceans, the forests and all the marvelous wonders of the universe they shout to us in a chorus of voices – “HE IS”. When we, humbled by His immense love and compassion, look upon the cross he says, his love echoing through the mists of time, – “I AM”. In the privacy of our prayer closet, we feel the presence and His Holy Spirit whispers softly – “I AM”.

How do we relate to that threefold revelation of the one God? How do you respond to the words written across the sky wittnessing of His majesty, How do you respond to the words, wittnessing of His love, written in His own blood in the bible, How do you respond to the personal revelation of the spirit, written in our hearts as we experience His closenes.

How do you respond?

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Tom Freeman

Found your webpage today… “Holiness or Happiness” That’s a good word, Patrick! (did I get the name right?) Blessed by your site/blog. I live in the U.S., grew up in the SalvationArmy, serve Jesus in the city of San Gabriel, California. I met two girls back in 1996 who were both Salvationists in Latvia. We met while going to school in Jeloy, Norway.
My wife and I just had our first child 10 days ago. God bless you and your (growing) family!

Pia M. Olterman

Answer: By being Humble before God!

” Man has the mind of God but the body of dust.
All human kind is of slavery, it was ment to be from the beginning.
God does not suffer he doesnt feel any pain.
He is not a gourageous God.
Human beings can be courageous or cowardly.
Neither of these make up any of Gods nature.
Will man destroy the earth to move on?
Is this his destiny?
Ask yourself a question people..
Are you humble before God?”

Sermond from Bob Dylan cover cd: Masked and Anonymous.

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