As I was writing over at our family blog I am realizing that my observations on parenthood carry over to my spiritual life once again.

As the list of Anjas needs is very short so is the list of our spiritual needs. Clean, Close and Calories. That is all we need.

  • We need to have our spiritual diaper changed ever so often to clean out the mess we make out of life.
  • We need closeness with God daily daily so that we know that He is with us and that our heavenly father cares for us.
  • We need to be fed the word of God so that our spirit does not starve

Paul talks about how we all start out as babes in Christ and that we need milk for starters and I wonder how many of us are still in that state where we need to be spoonfed, wiped and cuddled.

For lets face it how many of us have truly gotten to the point where we take full responsability for all our actions and confess our sins without help or prompting, how many of us delve deep into the word of God daily and seek deeper and deeper for the secrts within instead of waiting for our officers or a fancy international preacher to give it to us, and how many of us have truly come to the place where God seeks us out to wrestle with us (And now I don’t mean the kind of wrestling where we put our foot down like a two year old and demand our way) instead of us running to Him for a cuddle when we had a booboo.

Having said that I know that we all need to regress sometimes and crawl back into the warm embrace of Him that loves us so. But I do wish that I could truly say that I had come further along. But as Paul said, I still press on towards the mark. The question is not have you arrived; The important question is have you started crawling ……

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