Had a good day with Angelina today, Hanna is in a bit of pain and needed us out of the house, so I put Angelina in the sling and we went down to Valdemara playground (behind the art museum) where Angelina spent a whole hour pouring sand onto herself, loads of fun.

After play time we walked to Lulu pizza on Gertrudes where Angelina and I had a pizza slice each. Angelina ate hers with her hand like you are supposed to eat a slice with no help from me what-so-ever.
Back home Angelina climbed into bed with Hanna and Anja after obediently (!!!) washing her hands so she could cuddle the baby. She softly stroked the babys head and put her own cheek so close that she could feel anjas nose touching her. Then she bent over and Kissed anja gently on the cheek … it was priceless.

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