Last night I was watching an episode of firefly. In this episode River the over intelligent sister of the doc finds Rev. Books bible, Book is the shepherd (Priest) on the crew of the firefly. River starts reading the bible and finds that it has flaws and that it doesn’t make sense so she starts fixing it, by rewriting passages and cutting stories out.

Noah is a problem, there is no way to fit 55.000 mammals on a boat

Shepherd then tries to explain to a bewildered River about faith, and finally says: {{You don’t fix faith, faith fixes you!}}

Many Christians start out like River, they know that they believe in God but try to fit the word of God into a context that they understand and therefore try to rewrite the bible or just take out/ignore the passages that does not fit into their world view. Failing to realize that we are the problem it is us who don’t fit in.

It is only through the spirit that we can truly comprehend the word of God. And it is only by truly comprehending the word of God that we can make sense out of our own existance in Gods universe.

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