Today I stepped out on the playground to have a chat with Graeme and Zoe as we where talking I heard shouts from the other side of the parking lot. It’s clearly a quarrel and as I am contemplating whether or not I should move in I see the first strike fall. Telling Graeme to call the police I rush towards the commotion.

The mean is clearly both drunk and doped up and as I move closer shouting at him to stop he grabs his ladyfriends hair and bashes her face into the brick wall. I raise my voice even louder to pierce his drunken stupor and he steps away as the woman hits the ground.

He starts telling me that everything is fine, His speech so blurred I don’t know if he is speaking Russian or Latvian but I have heard this speach hundreds of times before. I ignore him and focus my attention on the woman who is starting to get up. I ask her if shes ok, and she lets me know she is ok, I see in her eyes that she is ut of it with drugs and probably won’t feel the pain until she lands, but she starts to walk away from the incident on wobbly legs.

Then the inevitable but oh so unfathomable, he calls her back and she heeds him and they dissapear into an abandoned building.

Why would you volontarily walk into an abandoned building with someone who just shoved your face full force in a brick wall. Why, oh why, oh why would you …. I’ll never get it.

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