I happened by a friend who needed help with some computer stuff, so here I am in front of a computer first time on my vacation.So far it has been good 27-40 degrees in the shade and a constant 26-27 in the water.

Angelina Has started bathing a little bit carefully daring to walk into the water, and me, well I have been on four dives so far spotted a lot of lobsters, (they are quick buggers, so no lobster dinner so far) and yesterday to my utter delight I saw a manta ray!

Anja is being very kind, sleeping well and handling the heat very well.

Hanna is deciding that we are never coming back on one day and deciding that we will buy furniture for our room the next. She is working very hard taking care of the girls and trying to translate both language and culture for me. In the end Anja and Angelina are demanding her constant attention and tho I try to spot for her it seems that with the added tention between Hanna and her parents it is not the vacation Hanna was hoping for.

After two and a half weeks here I think we are both ready to return to latvia and get on with all our plans.

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