Kicking of the “Riga 1” youthgroup for the fall yesterday and what a start we had. We had six new people there and three of them where not girls, wich as you know is a minor miracle here in Latvia.

The Friday night group has been dubbed “One Way” so therefore our first message was themed “One Way”.

As an army we need to be marching side by side all facing one way, that is towards God. If we are not moving closer to God in our lives we are simply moving the wrong way. And an army that is standing still in enemy territory is only good for target practice for the enemy. As the Army of the Lord we need to be on the move, on attack.

We need to not be distracted from this one goal by anything, If we could truly make it our one and only goal, to move closer to God we would change Latvia forever and eventually the world.

There is only one way for us and that is moving closer to God, if you are not moving closer to God you are a target. 

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