So last night we finally got going with the longsword training. It has been long coming and I have waited long for it to start. We where seven people and I do not think we could be many more in the hall unless we learn how to be more efficiant with space.

We did some history of the manuscript and Fiore and then got right into footwork, stick wrestling, poste and the first play of the elephant filling two hours with no trouble and we could probably have gone on for an hour more with no troubles. I enjoyed it immensly and I think most of us did.

I did conclude however that we are going to need better weapons, broomsticks do not work to well due to their edgelessness, I think we will also need protection (fencing masks) quicker than I anticipated ….

If we get more people in we will just have to split it into two groups, and we really hope to fill it up with alot more people from outside the church to create a meeting point for the minds as well as for the physical training.

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