It is a wondrous thing, having people pray for you…. last thursday when we where having our interviews for officership we had many people praying for us. People in Riga where praying and people in Sweden both from our corps and Nationally and that day everything went fantastic. Even better than fantastic, Angelina was behaving all the time and Anja was sleeping and feeding like clockwork. And to top it off when we went to Söderkåren for our final interview there was a parking spot in front of the door (anyone who has been there and tried to park in the area on a week night can attest that that is a true miracle)

So having people praying for you is great, but the day after. Why don’t we pray on the day after to absorb the after shock. It is almost like the devil can’t get you for a whole day and when he can break through the next day he gives you all he’s got.

We had also been concentrating very hard to make everything right that one day so when we relaxed on friday it all went to crappers as the family saying goes.

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