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YOU are the Salvation Army!

Lats week as I was being interviewed by the vice principal of the Swedish officers school she asked me a question that ground me to a mental halt, – What is the Salvation Army, she asked?

I started to think, then I started describing the army, the way I think it should be, not nessesarily the way it is. I think we all do that to some extent, when someone asks us what the army is we paint the picture of what we want the army to be and not what it is today.

Half way into my description of the army as a radical lightweight mission organisation; Standing in the frontline of the battle constamntly charging and attacking the enemys camp, I was cut of by the next startling remark…

– Do you realize that you are describing yourself?

And I was. I was describing myself, my calling and my understanding of what it means to be a Christian. I bit perturbed I stopped and said well is that wrong? Promptly she assured me that it wasn’t and continued saying, – You must realize that YOU are the Salvation Army, just as I am the Salvation Army, whatever we do the Salvation Army does, since the Salvation Army is the members in it!

What a mindblowing thought, it is time to sop complaining about what the army is or what it should be. Lets just BE the Salvation Army and, to steal the (somewhat modified) motto of another army, be all that we are called to be!

Be the army, DO whatever you think we SHOULD be doing! Attack the enemy and help those lost to the enemies vile schemes! Lets join in the cause of our Lord and Saviour, to destroy the works of the Devil (1 John 3:8)

How do we decide what the army should do next, where the army should go next, well it will go wherever you go!

So go boldly forward and be the Salvation Army!

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this was encouraging:)! although I’m not in the Salvation Army, this reminded me of what I’ve been thinking since returning from Berlin. More action, more doing, not just watching and complaining/dreaming, but actually doing something to make life what it should be like..

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