The past days I have been working hard to get my prayer life in order, getting up at 06:00 every morning to get an hour of prayer in before the family wakes up and the workday starts. It has been great, apart from the fact that everything possible has happened to make sure I wouldn’t get up in the morning, like children awake all night, wife getting sick etc… but that is another post alltogether.

This morning I found that I had few words to put to my prayer, so I did what I have been taught to do, I go on in tounges knowing that then Gods spirit wil help me pray (Rom 8:26).

As I was going on in tounges I felt the rythm of the worship getting a hold of me and I started dancing, small baby steps at first and then I just let go and danced like I was at a rave…. I felt the Joy of the Lord filling my soul and I shouted out to God;

– Dance with me!

I must have looked silly dancing like a madman, tears streaming down my face and a grin like a 3 year old on Christmas eve. But I wonder if someone would have looked into the room if they would have seen one person dancing or two. As I danced wilder and wilder throughout the song I felt (literally) God smile at me. What a wondrous thing to feel Gods smile over you, there is nothing in this world that compares to that! Except maybe dancing to the majestic sound of the sunrise with the creator of the universe.

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God loves you and he listened to your deep prayers!
Pray for me, too!

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