camps, birthdays servers and glajding!

It seems like forever since i updated this site and som much have happened! We had our Boothcamp (Latvian national youth camp) wich was teh big event of the year here in Latvia. It went extremely well, I will have to write a full post on that later but lets just say that God showed up and did His thing!

After that was my birthday that came and passed with not much notice to it, The youth here in Riga made me a fantastic collage of funny faces I make when I preach, wich I might or might not share ….

These past weeks have been filled with fixing the salvation army network (which is rapidly falling apart) and dealing with firewalls and security policies. And in the middle of that I am trying to relax and recoup my energy. October – November was so filled with activities that I hardly had time to breathe and it seems no matter what we do there is always much waiting around the corner.

To get my mind of things I have activated my AO account again (Thankyou Funcom for the free month) and Hanna and I have enjoyed playing a bit. But I have also started preparing for the Swedish national youth conference at which I am the main speaker.

Looking ahead we are getting a visa for Anja and finishing up our OS applications (Yes we where accepted in Sweden and are official candidates, but now as they will have us go to school in London we need to make a second application to London).

There is just never any time for real quality glajding…..

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