Love, Sex, God

Build it and they shall come…

I wrote earlier this year about how I didn’t know any normal people, and how I started the martial arts school to meet people who where not Christian. well the womens selfdefence course didn’t help as it made sure a lot of women came (imagine that) the Jiu jitsu class had very low attendence while the Woman selfdefence course was very popular.

The WMA (Western Martial Arts) school however, while small, has drawn the right people, although maybe not normal people … but then again what is normal these days, dreaming of dressing up in medieval armor and fighting with two handed swords is not half as “out there” as some things I’ve seen.

It’s not that we have people lining up to start training with our SSG Riga group (which is good I am not sure our hall could fit many more people) but as the study group leader I am being aproached by all the other sword fighting schools in Riga, and of course challenged to duel with them.

I don’t know what it is, curiosity, thirst for knowledge or just plain old “I need to know who’s the best”. But as it is the invitations come, and I take my sword and go, it’s all good, and loads of fun!

And suddenly I have a network of people to talk about swords with and when you talk about swords, you talk about chivalry and when you talk about chivalry, you must talk about faith!

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