And a happy one at that, I wish you all a beautiful 2007. Now I go to Sweden for the Salvation Army national youth conference where I am the main speaker. Hopefully I’ll say what God wants me to say (especially since the harddrive with all my notes broke down today so I am travelling with nothing).

I had a quiet New Years, well at least until 2 minutes to twelve when I went down to Riga 1 and spent the last and first minutes of last and this year with the Riga 1 youth and they screamed and screamed and screamed and they are still screaming ….

Happy New Year!

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Raynard Brown

Hey, I am thanking God for every thought of you and how my heart is a well spring of joy as I think about the work God is doing in your life and ministry. I have much love for you and your family and pray that God will abundantly bless you each and everyday.
Love ya
Raynard brown

sisters(you don't know as) :P

ooh this youth! no no no, they were screaming IN CHURCH?(question mark) In church you need to be quiet because Spirit is flying and we need to try to catch Him! (:D) šsss…!

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