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Blood and fire in Self defence course

I am just back in Riga from a two day trip to Stockholm to teach a self defence course for FASI (Salvation Army Social Institute) and to tie up some loose ends, like preparing to sell the car etc.

Preparing the course I made some amazing discoveries. The first one being that I could teach all our grip breaking techniques and takedowns based on Fiore Dei Liberis four unarmed poste. I also discovered later that teaching the techniques from Fiores poste sped up the learning process significantly.

On friday morning the FASI course on threats and violence in the workplace started with a theoretical overview held by Rut Baranowsky followed by a legal overview held by Peter Baranowsky. After Lunch it was my turn and I held a three hour basic WSD course.

I had thirteen students wich made us fifteen with me and Peter, ages ranging from mid twenties to mid fifties. Working at various homes and shelters for drug addicts and alcoholics. Everyone was eager to participate and took on all the drills with gusto. I was surprised to find that they displayed an unusual amount of passion in the DTL (drawing the line) drills. They where full of fire and passion making it a joy to teach the class.

We had some minor scrapes like on fat lip and a minor nosebleed, not that the students where not careful….

All in all it was a good day at Lännersta and I hurried of to the airport to come home to my girls. The trip cost me tho because I can now feel my sinuses throbbing from the airplane and my returning cold.

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