Reading the swedish Christian newspaper dagen today I found this article.

It states that the goal of this years evangelist week is to “Reinstate (or maybe reintroduce) God and open up the churches for more people” It’s incredible what those pentacostals can come up with…. the nerve, to invite God to church.

All joking aside, I think it is great for a movement as large as the Swedish pentacostal movement to admit that they have forgotten about God in their services and closed the church of from the ordinary people. I wish that more churches could show that kind of courage.

When I look at the Swedish free churches it is like a whole generation is missing we have young people and old people but in between we have lost a whole generation to legalism and bureaucracy where there should have been freedom and Teocracy.

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I was there, and will report what happened as soon as I’ve got my 8 hours of sleep 🙂

But I dare to say that Magnus Persson is like you. Or you are like him, or whatever. Radical, thought provocing and cool 😉

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