Tuesday we had the first graduation of the WSD1 Riga group. This graduation was supposed to be held long time ago but due to injuries, illness and childbirth it was delayed.

The four students up for their first test didn’t know what hit them as I announced that today was the day of their test. In spite of the surprise testing they performed fantastically, they all passed the test, as I knew they would and some of them are already at the next skill level2.

They displayed great warrior spirit and to a degree surprised me yet again with their prowess and virtue. If they have gotten anything it is the lesson of the lion3

It was a joy to see how far they have come since our first training and it feels great that they now are belted in time for the start of our next women self defense course starting next week.

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  1. Warrior Self Defense, my own school of martial arts []
  2. since the test had been delayed so long []
  3. One of Fiore dei Liberis four virtues of the warrior, courage, symbolized by the mighty lion. []
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