I was invited to join Twitter last night. So i surfed in and found a page where you with 140 characters can explain what you are doing right now and get an RSS feed of it. WHO CARES! Really, I just didn’t get it. But I joined anyway, this was to absurd a community not to be part of it if just for a little while.

Then I realized, you can connect your phone to twitter, as you sms your little blurb of what you are doing, it ends up on your feed, or on your blog if you have added it to your blog….

Aaaah all the things I can now do with it dawns on me as I start dreaming of the million situations I can now put on my blog without being close to a computer.

Then I realize that once you turn twitter on to your phone you get an sms everytime one of your friends update their feed !!!!

Now I truly see how I cannot live without twitter, prayer requests instantly distributed both to the blog and to my friends, a live update of my blog through the day, a chance of knowing where my friends are and what they are doing through sms messages…. It is all to good to be free, but it is.

So there you have it Twitter is the best thing since peanut butter now if I only had any friends who would get on the site I’d be laughing….

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