I am preparing a teaching for tuesdays youth meeting at Metro. I have been asked to preach on time, how to plan it what to do with it. As I am exploring my Ideas of Gods time or the art of becoming, I ran across this fantastic poem written by [[Toyohiko Kagawa]], a Christian and a lay leader in Japan during the early part of the twentieth century.

I read
In a book
That a man called
Went about doing good.
It is very disconcerting to me
That I am so easily
With just
Going about.

So many of us become the restless wave of the sea James is talking about1 content not to make any choices but merely float on the river of life and let it lead you. Just going about our business, doing what we always have, like we have always done it. Days becoming, weeks, weeks becoming months, months becoming years, years becoming decades. Without change, without purpose, without direction.

Where are you going? And what are you going to do?

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  1. James 1:6-8 []
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Björn F

It was actually this topic that once led me into a Church on New Year’s Day 2006, and was the direct connection to being saved. The sermon was on time, on man’s time (chronos) and God’s time (chairos). The preacher was a very down-to-earth man, with a philosophical touch to him. He would have fit right into ancient Greece debating with Plato. 🙂

He described man’s time as a line along which we walk, and Gods time as an everlasting NOW. All of creation is a second in the eye of God. There is no real past or future. Your every second with the Lord is here and now. You can’t wait, you can’t look back. Every second is a mirror of all of creation. The thought blew me away, that the worries of the future and the regrets of past were all made into naught by His sacrifice on the cross, which allowed us to be here and now, and be with the Lord.

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