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Aim lower, think smaller, give up & go, have a cup of coffe

What a great Christian slogan! All joking aside this is one of the best videos I have seen in a long while… Spread the word!

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This is why I am a youth worker for life!

People where fine with me being a youth worker when I was 14 and noone even blinked when I was 18 or 22 but now that I am 33 and going into Officers training, people ask me what my vision of the future is and I say urban youth mission, I get raised eyebrows and a lot of wierd responses like: You will go where the army sends you, do what they tell you. Aren’t you a bit to old for youthwork? Isn’t it time to grow up?


We must reach the youth to make a better future, I believe that our children (The children of the world) need to get a vision for the future, needs to learn about chivalry, about prowess, courage, honesty, loyalty, generosity, faith, courtesy, nobility.

Only if they learn to value this as children will it last them and guide them throughout life and only then will we see society change for the better.

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