Pizza partySo after our Spirit led meeting we headed home to have some fellowship, Björn wanted to meet the youth and to relax a bit.

We ordered four large Pizzas and got drinks and ice cream. It was great. We ate till we where ready to burst and then we ate some more. The girls had never had any ice cream floats so we felt compelled to show them a brave new world of mixing ice cream and sodas, they received these ground breaking new levels of reality with mixed feelings.

After the food we turned to the games, Djungle jam, Robo-rally and Frets on Fire. we talked at length about the future and youth in Latvia. Then we praye and just as it had been Sunday morning prayer was strong and God close by.

This was a truly holy sunday, where The Holy Spirit Led the worship and the meeting and then we had church in my living room, sharing life, faith and fellowship. This is what church is all about.

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