Thoughts on the Swedish Bible battle

There has been a media storm the last month ofer Scandic hotels decision to remove the gideonite bibles from all the hotel rooms after one complaint from a swedish humanist.

Several swedish bloggers like Emanuel Karlsten have taken actions to reverse this decision by gently asking scandic “What where you thinking?” How can you remove the bible from the hotel room and leave the porn…. I am also thrilled to see Mackan Andersons reply to the humanist movement with the humanist kit (a blind fold and a pair of earplugs, so they won’t have to get offended by what they hear and see)

After my letter to scandic I got a standardised reply saying they where happy to hear my thoughts, I don’t think they where and I don’t think they did.

So I’ll post them here because I think these thoughts should be shared even now after Scandic backed down and decided to keep the bibles in the hotel rooms.

The Bibles in the hotel rooms won’t help us Christians, we allready have our bibles with us, we always travel with them. No the bibles in the hotel rooms are for people who are not Christian who might be lonely or scared in the night need ing some sort of comfort, then God is there to comfort them and one way for God to speak to them is through the bible.

To move the bible down to the reception where you have to ask for it will deny the person this momentary comfort. I want to leave you with this thought Scandic….

Would you have moved the porn down to the reception so that a customer had to walk down to the reception and ask for porn?

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