The move to England is drawing closer with every tick of the clock. As I survey our slowly deteriorating home I am overwhelmed with panic. There is absolutely no way that we can finish up everything that needs to be done before we send of the first truck to Sweden for storage on the 9th of August and then the second truck bound for England on the 17th of August.

To make things worse I have to stay immobilized on the sofa because my back muscles are knotting up and not allowing me free movement due to the unbalanced limping I am forced to the short while everyday that I am up. I tried to find a professional back massage this morning and after futile attempts to find anyone in Riga that would be willing to massage my back with their clothes on I desperately walked around the neighbourhood trying the assorted spa facilities around here. As it turns out they are NOT spa facilities but glorified bordels as well.

Hopefully I will get my back straightened out at the sport medicine centre where I am doing my physiotherapy this afternoon.

The only upside is that my doctor seems confident that with only physio this will be sorted out in a few weeks.

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