As a clarion call throughout space and time  2 Cor 6:17  challenges us to be different, to be separate. The more I try to shake the verse out of my mind the harder my mind is held captive by this simple statement that simply turns my life upside down….

Step out from the ranks of the world and be different. Don’t go with the flow! Be set apart, be holy! As Salvationists this is the bread and butter of our calling this is what it is all about. And yet I read forums, blogs and other media debating how we should just relax and be like everyone else.

Social drinking.
As my friends sit around the table and laugh at a joke that no matter how many times i run it by my clear mind is not funny nor will it ever be, I am astounded by the fact that some of these people simply would not get along or even socialze if it where not for the drink in their hand.

Not only do we say no to alcohol as Salvationists but we say no to the entire drinking culture. It is not PC and it is not normal but it is taking a stand against alcohol which is one of the socially accepted drugs that wreak most havoc in society and in family life.

We step out, we set ourselves apart and say NO! We are not going to be like everyone else, we will stand here and be light, be salt, be different for the sake of all of those who can’t and for all of those who couldn’t and fell prey to the destructive forces behind the alcohol culture.

As I walk down the streets of Riga I see young women and to some extent men who would rather spend their hard earned money on the latest fashion than a months worth of healthy food. Slaves under the whims of an industry that cares little for the victims it grinds down in its wake.

We step out and put on the Salvation Army uniform. It may not be as modern and fashionable as everyone would like. It won’t let anyone stand out as an individual we all look alike, faceless in a time where ego is celebrated.

Money makes the world go round. Round and round it spins faster and faster as we get caught in a web of mut haves and can’t live withouts.

We choose to live with a less than average salary so that more hungry mouths can be fed so that more homeless people can be sheltered. The money we make is not ours but belong to God, in His kindness he lets us be stewards.

In a world where it is almost a capitol offence to claim to know the truth and imply that someone else might be wrong. We step out and speak the truth!

We are called to be a salt and a light to the earth, to be different, to be holy to be separate!

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