First things first.. An appology to all of those of you who are waiting for me to respond to emails facebook requests etc… I am still not fully connected, wich means that I acan steal a few minutes every few days to actually sit at a machine connected to the Internet.

We have started College! It is a different world in so many sensed that both Hanna and I are overwhelmed with the cultural change as well as the transition in lifestyle and vocation. For Hanna it means no longer being a full time stay at home mother, for me it means no longer being in charge of a full time ministry.

Our welcome weekend was powerful and though the meetings where long and sometimes a bit to traditional for our taste the Holy Spirit was there powerfully and both friends and family where touched by the spirit and took steps forward in their spiritual lifes (keep a close eye on Graeme and Zoes blogs) . At the Saturday night meeting the Spirit came down powerfully as we sang “In the potters hands” and I could feel the gravity of the step we have taken.

Angelina and Anja have had their first encounters with nursery (They love it) and their first colds. Anja is repeating every word we say and will no doubt be talking really soon.

We had our first classes and handed in our first thological essay, haven’t gotten it back yet so I can’t say how it went we where all (the whole session with a few exceptions) pretty shook up by the experience though. The lectures vary greatly in level, depth and pace so it has been hard to get a sense of what the studies wil be like. The tutors keep reminding us of how high the level is at times and then reassure us that we will have no problems handling it at other times adding to the confusion.

We have with OT (Genesis & Flood) and NT this week and it is hard work to keep your ead screwed on tight when we start withBible critical analysis where parts of the faith you have taken for granted is pulled out from unerneath you in every other sentence of the tutor.

Last night we had the first SSG/WSD session with 15 people attending, it was a good class where we covered basic unarmed posta and did a few of the WSD abracare drills. It seems most of the participants enjoyed it but I guess we will find out for sure next week when we see who will come back for more. For me personally it was great to hold the training just to hold on to a little bit of the BC1 Patrik.

It seems though that we are forever cursed when it comes to technology, the moving company broke two computers in the move, my lap top (bought especially for these two years) broke before we left and now after four tries to fix it the computer store has given up and offer us a replacement machine for the meager price of £200 which we don’t have. As well as this our TV-Receiver also bought just for our time here broke so we have no TV and no Internet. Officially cut of from the real world.

It is a surreal world here and my brother Hampus, if he ever comes and visits (hint, hint) will notice that it just like our apartment in Riga will be like stepping through the closet to Narnia, so great is the difference between the campus and the surrounding world.

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